“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”

Born and raised in Lake Como, Italy, Claudia moved to London at the age of 19 to embrace this vibrant and multicultural city.
Claudia is a certified holistic health & wellness coach,  intuitive healer & wellbeing retreats organiser.

Holistic Health and Wellness Coach

How can you reach your full potential, remove negative blocks, balance your energy, learn how to manage stress and improve your wellbeing?

I will teach you how to bring balance to your lifestyle by assessing your mind, body and emotional state. Holistic coaching plays an essential role in improving your motivation, developing your performance both in your professional and personal life.

You will achieve a balanced body, mind and soul. Simple adjustments in your life, such as changing your diet, choosing what type of exercise is beneficial to you, loving yourself more or finding positive activities can transform your life!

I will help you to better understand your aspirations and motivations and much more,

you will be able:

  • To empower your mind, body & soul.
  • To become the best version of yourself.
  • To remove negative aspects of your life.
  • To develop your personal, professional, spiritual, physical or mental goals.
  • To make the right decisions and swift from negative patterns.

You will find all the answers by connecting deeply with your true self!

Intuitive Healer

Claudia studied healing therapies in London. She believes you can start your transformational journey at any stage of your life, whether you want to discover your mission, heal from past traumas, overcome blockages or empower your life. Claudia wants to help you to find your true self, express it, discover your life purpose and live an authentic life which is in line with your core values and principles by healing
from wounds and emotional traumas. She offers one to one online guided meditation, chakra clearing, breathwork, emotional healing therapies, (known as Tapping or EFT Tapping), which is a universal healing tool that can provide impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance issues.

Wellbeing Retreats Leader

Her extensive experience in running wellbeing retreats in some of the most authentic and unique handpicked locations in England and Italy is very valuable. You will be taken on an unforgettable transformational journey. You will come back completely revived and re-energised and able to continue your journey from home.

Claudia offers a truly fresh approach to health, wellbeing, healing and retreating. She will work on your emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological level and help you to rebalance it through meditation, chakra clearing, intuition exercises, EFT tapping, yoga, not to mention fabulous cultural experiences – learn how to cook authentic pasta with grandma, sail into a dream sea, express your creativity at a ceramic workshop and swim in Capri.

“Anything you want to achieve is within you. You hold the key to your happiness”.


I work virtually via video sessions or phone. My clients come from all walks of life, from those who have just started their wellbeing journey to those who are already on it.

One to One Sessions

I create bespoke one to one sessions that will increase your confidence to find your life purpose, empower you to overcome blockages, re-create your goals and let go of fears through tarot readings, mediumship and healing sessions.

Online Workshop

We will tap into your intuition, learn how to improve it to make the right decisions and live a more peaceful life. We will work on energy healing and chakra clearing through guided meditation and practical exercises and holistic approaches.


I organise wellbeing retreats in wonderful places for you to recharge, revive and reboot. We will look after your mind, body and soul with yoga, meditation, EFT tapping, crystal healing, dance and healthy eating, cooking and language classes.


  • To let go of addictions.
  • To achieve positive life changes.
  • To reduce stress and anxiety.
  • To find inner joy and develop self-love.
  • To activate your power within.
  • To unstuck negative mind patterns.
  • To enhance motivation, confidence, clarity and wellbeing.
  • To stabilise moods.
  • To induce clarity and enhance focus.
  • To connect the mind with the body and the soul.
  • To resolve complex situations.
  • To empower confidence and boost motivation.
  • To restore a positive and creative state of mind.

Contact Claudia on (+44 ) 07375 32 00 44 or email me

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Mobile: (+44) 07375 32 00 44
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