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We organise authentic and unique wellbeing retreats in places personally selected and visited by our team of experts with a passion for wellbeing and travelling. Our aim is to provide you with an unforgettable experience for you to totally disconnect and recharge.

Our number one priority is: YOUR WELLBEING


A recharging healing experience in some of Italy’s and England’s most blissful destinations where a higher focus on your mental state together with physical movements and authentic local experiences will calm your emotions, relieve stress and re-energise your body.

The main goal is to be in balance and harmony with yourself and your environment so that your mind, body and soul are perfectly aligned and grounded, practised through exercise, breathing, meditation. yoga and creative activities. You will achieve a higher state of wellbeing.

This is a great opportunity to learn and adapt this healthier way of life to your daily routine to feel de-stressed and completely recharged by getting your mind in tune with your body and soul. You will be able to work on your habits, mindsets and healing your past. It can all be achieved when we find our inner peace by living intentionally through our carefully selected activities: yoga, guided meditation, crystal healing and healthy eating.

You will feel re-energised and restored both physically and mentally.

We believe that taking time to reconnect to your true self is key to rediscovering who you really are and find or readjust your purpose in life.


We all need to give our brain a chance to reboot, rediscover our voice, reach a better sense of balance and self-awareness. By taking time for ourselves, we can get a better understanding
of what inspires, excites and drives us. 

Claudia will help bring you back to living in the moment and to re-evaluate your life in a  neutral, pure and re-energised environment.

Our wellbeing retreats are a special kind of experiences, your chance to recharge your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing – the most rewarding gift to yourself.

Happiness depends upon ourselves - Aristotle

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