Holistic Health & wellness coach,
Intuitive Healer & Wellbeing Retreats Organiser

Claudia is an intuitive healer, psychic medium & wellbeing retreats organiser.

Intuitive Healer
Claudia studied healing therapies in London. She believes you can start
your transformational journey at any stage of your life, weather you want to discover your mission, heal from past traumas, overcome blockages or empowering your life. Claudia wants to help you to find your true self, express it, discover your life purpose and live an authentic life which is in line with your core values and principles by healing from wounds and emotional traumas. She offers one to one
online meditation, chakra clearing and life coaching sessions.

Psychic Medium
Claudia was drawn to spiritual matters very early in life and she grew up within a very spiritual environment. She works as a Channel with
clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (feeling) specializing in Tarot Card readings and Mediumship – she
connects with the ones who have passed.

I aim to provide you with insight, guidance, clarity, practical advice and inspiration on any area or subject of your life where ordinary answers
have not been proven successful.

Wellbeing Retreats Leader
Her extensive experience in running wellbeing retreats in some of the most authentic and unique handpicked locations in England, Italy, Morocco and Spain is very valuable. You will be taken on an unforgettable transformational journey. You will come back completely
revived and re-energised and able to continue your journey from home.

Anything you want to achieve is within you. You hold the key to your happiness”.


Claudia will guide you to find your path, life purpose, a more balanced state of mind, a healthier body and soul wellbeing. She, an intuitive healer, psychic medium and wellbeing retreats organiser will help you to find your authentic voice, your strengths, your motivation and
emotional balance. Self-care is the core of your wellbeing.


Spiritual and psychic readings give support, guidance, clarity, practical advice and inspiration where ordinary answers have not been proven successful, give you confidence about your next step and overcome deep-seated emotional issues. Claudia’s clients ask about any area of their life – work, love, relationships, money, family – Claudia has a “out of the box approach” that will allow you to see life challenges under a different light for you to make the best decisions possible, reduce stress, achieve your goals and get a clear vision of your life or business.


By transferring high vibrational healing energy into someone’s body and aura the Healer works through your energy system by awakening the body’s natural resources, restoring balance and harmony, unblocking your chakras and reinstating beneficial energy through your mind, body and soul by finding the root of problems and illnesses. Spiritual healing is a completely natural process and it works at the deepest level of the body’s energy flow. It releases tensions and strengthening the body’s own immune system.

We organise authentic and unique wellbeing retreats in places personally selected and visited by our team of experts with a passion for wellbeing and travelling. Our aim is to provide you with an unforgettable experience for you to totally disconnect and recharge.

Our number one priority is: YOUR WELLBEING




Breath in, breath out….

Yoga originated in ancient India over 5000 years ago, it is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices. Yoga does more than calm your mind and increase your flexibility. it is a powerful combination of stretching and strengthening poses combined with relaxation and deep breathing. It’s a complete mind-body workout.
There are more than 100 different types of yoga, from intense and fast-paced to relaxing and gentle.


Do not listen to your mind, train your mind to listen to you.

Meditation can improve your wellbeing and your health on so many different levels. It is a powerful practise that anybody can learn and benefit from enormously. It is based on creating an inner space and clarity by achieving an aligned connection between mind, body and spirit that will allow you to experience peace of mind, sense of wellbeing, positive thoughts and an overall peace of mind sensation


When you finally let go some of the most wonderful moments arrive.

If you feel that some art of your life no longer feel right for you anymore, relationships, jobs, ideas, believes, behaviors then you know it is time for a new beginning. Some old patterns of low energy that made you feel upset, sad, fearful, weak or insecure can be taken over by new patterns of high energy that make you feel calmer, in peace, appreciative and forgive full.


Contact Claudia on (+44) 07375 32 00 44 or email me


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